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5th and 6th Dimensional Consciousness, Reiki from First to the 21st Degree, Reiki and Crystals
Over 20 years and hundreds of repeat students. Kathy Glover Scott is one of the highest vibration, professional teachers in North America.

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Kathy combines her advanced healing skills with professional therapist training and her advanced intuitive abilities. 20+ years.
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Best-selling author with newest books: Core of Self and Reiki and Crystals and teaching Webinars that ignite you!
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Energy Download Event in Ottawa!

Release, Renew, Recharge and Receive. Kathy’s next Energy Download Event is at Planet Botanix in Ottawa on Tuesday, November 7th at 7 pm. If you’ve attended before, you know that the roof is lifted and you receive exactly what you require. Advanced ticket sales only. Click here to reserve your seat. 


Fall News from Reiki Ottawa!

I was given a very special assignment recently – to be present at the Las Vegas shooting. Read my last three blog postings to learn about my experience as a Lightworker, and how you can assist. You can read  my blog by Clicking here 

The format for my work is changing! I no longer provide full hands-on Reiki sessions, but rather powerful consultation sessions in person, via Skype/Distance. In this way, I am able to use all my skills most effectively, while being the conduit for the energy, shift and messages that you require. 

Note: All programs outside of Ottawa are suspended this fall. 


Reiki and Crystals: Activating the Power of Fire and Ice is Here!


I am so excited to share this new information and Frequency here. Read more about this energy embedded book with a no-nonsense approach! Love and Light, Kathy

Watch to learn about Reiki, Crystals, 5th Dimensional Consciousness, Living an Enlightened Life!


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